Friday, August 12, 2011

A 5 year old and a 2 year old!

I have them BOTH!  Hard to believe!  And since I don't seem to be to getting to birthday posts, I thought I would include a little stat update since we went to the doctor today!  The great news is we escaped without shots! YAY!  And of course they are both super healthy...although Daniel has made me into a mom that actually asks some questions at the appointments...only minor ones, and they are all mostly normal;-P

My FIVE year old:
Answered ALL their questions himself
passed both the hearing and eye tests
weighs 36.75 measley pounds :-) (still 10-15%)
height 42" tall (30%)
He can do everything he asked except ride a bike...AND he has become a FISH!  He swims down to get the darts all by pushing him down, no having to jump in to get the momentum to take himself down!  AND he can come up and take a breath while swimming, even treading enough to talk while his head is out!  YAY!

My TWO year old:
Talked before and AFTER the doctor came in and left:-)
Didn't want the doctor to touch him, but was quite interested when the doctor was checking out Holden
weighs 27lbs (went from 15% - 30%)
height 34" (went from 50% - 30% on this one)
AND he has a BIG head:-) (80%)
He HAD to show the doctor he could skip jump, it was quite funny...He didn't care for the finger prick to test his iron, but simply said, "ow" and was done.  

It was a great visit, Holden thought it was great fun, and said he would like to come back, as long as he didn't have to get any shots!  He was kind of disappointed Daniel didn't need any shots, nice brother that he is;-P  Daniel I am sure he will be happy to stay away ALL year!

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