Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The start of school

How can it be that my oldest boy, still my baby, is starting school tomorrow? It feels like it can't be, but it is.  And he is READY.  He has been begging for it to start, today at the orientation he let go of my hand right away and didn't sit anywhere near me!  He headed out to the playground with the rest of the kids without even a glance in my direction.  And he has been talking about tomorrow EVER since!
I'm not sad, just in disbelief.  I am so thankful that he is ready, and it is obvious.  If he was crying and not wanting to go I would be a wreck!  His teachers, are SO nice!  They have great plans for the year, and I am excited!

To celebrate the start of school, we took Holden out to dinner, he wanted to go to every restaurant we offered, so we had to narrow it down to what he wanted to eat.  He chose pizza, so we headed to Original Pete's we enjoyed pizza and salad, the kids played with pizza dough. And then, then we had a HUGE dessert!  Holden had requested ice cream, but "settled" for the mudpie.  I don't think he was disappointed!  I promised him it would be bigger than his head, and it was:-)  We all attempted to eat it, but the pie won, and we left half behind, but I am quite sure my little guy will remember that dinner out for a while.  

While praying tonight I asked him as I always do, his favorite part of the day, his answer:
"Going to school"


Amy said...

Awww.. what a happy post! Sounds like he is so excited. He's growing up so fast!

Jessica said...

Very cute! Love that he's so excited about school. And my, that mudpie looks good!