Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The First Day | Kindergarten

Well it was here, that much anticipated FIRST DAY.  Holden packed his backpack and picked out his clothes the night before.  Then when he woke up, he couldn't wait to get going.  We waited in the line, and he walked right in, put his backpack in the cubby and started playing!

Daniel thought he would get in on the action, but unlike Holden he wanted no part of talking to the teacher, OR staying, he was quite ready to head out with me when I said goodbye to Holden:-)

When we picked up Holden he was still beaming, until he realized the teacher didn't give him his smelly sticker, you see she told us at orientation, the goal for each child is to get 5 stars, that means they made good choices throughout the day.  and everyone who gets 5 stars (which is pretty easy) gets a smelly sticker, AND if you don't see one on your child's hand, that means you should ask your child about it and possibly check in with the teacher.  Holden was quite upset that HE forgot!  I assured him that we could ask the teacher about it in the morning.  And then an hour or so later, I got an email from the teacher saying SHE forgot to give all the kids the stickers so they would get TWO tomorrow!  Holden was happy, AND ready to remind her the next day.

While chatting about school Holden talked of some new friends, and stated the sweetest thing...He said, "Mom, I feel like I have known my teachers for a lot longer than one day, they are very nice, everyone at school is very nice, and I met a lot of people there today."  Oh sweet boy may you always have such a sweet, sweet heart!

He was ready to get his stuff ready for school the tomorrow as soon as we headed home!

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