Friday, August 26, 2011

Somebody misses the Big Brother!

On the first day, he didn't seem to notice what was happening, first he gladly said goodbye to Holden and walked with me to the car, BUT as I started the car, he YELLED, "WAIT, MOM, RAWRY(brother)!!!!"  over and over...I had to say "It's ok he is staying in school, we will come back and get him soon"  About 5 times before he would stop.

At home, he played, but definitely needed extra attention and I heard many, "where rawry?"

When it came time to pick Holden up, he ran out to the car!

On the second day, he definitely wasn't sure what to think when the goodbye came!  BUT he did it, and we replayed the first day when we got in the car again!  AND at home I heard MANY, "Where Rawry?" and "Miss Rawry", and "want Rawry"  until FINALLY I went to pick him up again:-)

On the third day, he didn't want to leave him, he insisted on going INTO the classroom BY HIMSELF to say goodbye, and the exchange between brothers melted his teacher's heart.  For the time at home, I was prepared, we came home, went for a run, then in the pool, then we played and played until it was time to get him, and he was OK:-)  But he sure does miss that big brother.  Although, you couldn't tell by the way they push each other's buttons when they are together!  BROTHERS!  I love them!  

Holden said the sweetest thing on the way to school this morning, "Mom, thank you for choosing my school, I love it, all the people are so nice, and I like that it is so close to our house."  Sometimes I just want to bottle up all these moments somehow save them and never forget the sweetness.

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