Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mika(Music) Man

My usual run time is 6am, before anyone else is awake...this Sunday was no different, I needed to get 3 miles in before Tom left for worship practice.  I headed out, and when I got back as I was recovering cooling off, Daniel woke up.  I had about 8 minutes left of the sermon I was listening to.  So I called him to come downstairs and then I gave him an ear piece, he loves to listen to ANYTHING on the headphones, so he sat and listened to the rest of the sermon and then he said, "Mika Mommy" Music Mommy, so I of course obliged and we spent several minutes lying there listening to worship, and enjoying each other.  These moments are truly gifts, and to get them on a Sunday in this house is beyond a gift.  God is faithful in providing quiet time when I ask and give Him my time, and He provides all I need to get through the "work" that Sunday mornings can be now, and this particular Sunday I felt especially carried, and I felt like God was with me the whole morning.  Such a sweet day, and such sweet boys God gifted me with!

AND Daniel stays in his classroom now!  There are some tears but usually not TOO long!  At least thats what the teachers tell me!

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