Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Now that school has started, I wake Holden up.  Daniel is usually awake in his bed when I walk by, but he seems to prefer staying in bed until I come get him:-)  That is until THIS morning...Now realize I am quite groggy sometimes in the mornings!  I walked to the door, and looked in his bed and I didn't see him, my heart jumped, where is he, I start scanning the room and then I see this smile, I should never have missed him as the chair is in DIRECT (read: right in front of) sight of the door!  But there he was smiling with his beloved doggie and a book, and the words were deliberate, "Me...Read...Doggie"  These sentences are so precious!  So slow and intentional, and so like you are translating from a different language, but he is getting it:-)  I love that both my boys LOVE to read...so fun!

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