Thursday, September 01, 2011

Tigger Treasure

When we picked up Holden from kindergarten today, he was beaming and holding this little guy in his hand.  I asked him where he got it and this is what he said,
"The teacher picked me because she didn't have to talk to me at all, so I got to pick something from the treasure chest, and I picked this!"
Me:  "Oh did everyone get to pick something?"
Holden: "No she picked one girl and one boy, and I was the boy!" "If there had been a tigger with his tail down who was bouncing I would have picked him, but there wasn't so I got this one"

You would think his sweet teacher had given him the moon, he showed Daddy-O right away, he slept with him at nap time, and as I write now he is asleep with him too!  He didn't take him to gymnastics because, "He seems to be made of rubber and he might melt in the hot car, right mom"
Me:  "hmm, I don't think he would melt, but I don't think so!"
H:  "Well I didn't want to find out!  So I left him at home!"

Ahhh such a sweet boy, and I am so glad he is doing well in kindergarten!  I am glad he loves his teacher, so far he has won big time on teachers, I mean first Ms. Wendy and now Mrs. DB!  God is good, I am so thankful for how He watches over us and our children.

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