Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Connecticut Vacation Day 2

Before sending our friends home we made plans to call them for breakfast when we woke up, which we thought would be a little later due to jet lag.  It should come as a surprise to none that I the one who dreams about sleeping in, woke up at 7:30 AM, CT time, which would be 4:30AM CA time...so much for sleeping in, and jet lag for me.  The rest of the clan, well they slept until at least 9AM, so by the time we called and invited to breakfast our day started out slowly, which is OK it's vacation!
Grandmere had the house stocked with lots of treats and good food for breakfast, so we ate in and then decided to check out the neighborhood.  This beach was perfect AND only a block or so from our house! 

All the kids got started in the sand right away, well except for Daniel who HAD to climb this fence first!  Did I mention that the kid likes to climb EVERYTHING!  Seriously it was such a blessing the way the kids just clicked!  We were hardly needed as parents!  Well except when hunger would strike!

Holden LOVED the sand, but the water didn't beckon him, a couple of adults put their toes in and deemed it cold...good thing because we didn't have suits for the kids, they were left back at the house...

But apparently Cammie, did not think the water was TOO COLD, she went in clothing and all, and was up to her chin!  BRRR!  AND she didn't seem to concerned with coming out any time soon!

 Can you see everyone?  Yep all were busy and accounted for, I of course was BEHIND the camera, but that is fine with me:-), Boys playing baseball, D wandering, girls and one boy in the sand, making sand ice cream.  This is how it should be, everyone happy, and busy:-)

What a beautiful place this East Coast, hmmm ALMOST a thought of staying...but no, the West Coast beckons:-)
A GREAT relaxing day!  And another late night catching up, and chatting till all hours:-)

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