Monday, September 26, 2011

Connecticut Vacation Day 1

We had been planning this trip for AGES...Talking about it for even longer, but TODAY was the day.  Our good friend Uncle Darrin picked us up at 4:15AM, and we were off to the airport.  Daniel wasn't sure WHAT to think, but as long as everyone in the family went where he went he was fine.  We boarded our plane and were off on the long flights:-)  The boys did AMAZING!  Holden chatted with all his seat neighbors, and Daniel entertained his with many courses of Peek-a-Boo, and his great smiles!  

"Mom it feels like the MIDDLE of the NIGHT, and what is this BIG thing!"
Across the aisle Holden listens intently to the safety procedures, ask him about it, he will explain IT ALL to you:-)

We made it to Chicago, and literally walked off our plane, and to the next gate and onto our next plane, whew!  We made it!  Once in Conecticut we were greeted by Grandmere and Grandpere, who had flown themselves cross country.  Grabbed our luggage and were off for our vacation in Clinton, Connecticut! At a beautiful beach house, I would totally recommend in Connectiuct!
What's that? You have no plans to vacation in Connecticut?  In fact, why would WE want to vacation there?  WELL, you see this is where Tom grew up!  And his parents ventured back to see there friends from when they lived there.  AND we, well we went back to see Tom's great friends the Larkin Family, who are also my great friends:-)
The Larkin Family brought us pizza, at the beach house shortly after we arrived.  And then the evening was spent catching up while our kids acted as if they had know each other THEIR whole lives!  It was SO amazing, we all stayed up WAY too late:-)  TOTALLY worth it!
Like I said we have been talking about doing this for A LONG time, and it did NOT disappoint!
I can't WAIT to tell you about the rest of our trip!

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