Friday, September 16, 2011

How do YOU sleep?

Sleep is VERY important in this house.  When Holden transitioned to a big boy bed he stayed in bed OR came out to see us! This is not the case with Daniel.  We do our routine, and I put him in bed awake, he says, "nigh, nigh mommy" AND then quite often I can hear him milling around in there.  BUT he NEVER comes out of his room!  It's kind of crazy, and he usually falls asleep within 20 minutes or so, not always in his bed though!

Many times we hear him reading, OR singing to his beloved "doggie".  A few nights ago when we headed to bed we checked on him and found him asleep in his CLOSET!  And lately, I have found, he gets out of bed to sit in our reading chair and "read" to his doggie, AND sometimes he doesn't make it back to his bed BEFORE he passes out!  Today, as I walked by his room to check on him, I heard snoring, and so I looked in and he wasn't in bed, the chair was turned toward the wall so I walked in, and the above picture is what I saw!  SO sweet, I love that both my kids LOVE to read, and this kiddo LOVES his dog as well!

Such sweetness, you just want to bottle it up FOREVER!

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jojo said...

sweetest thing :)