Wednesday, December 14, 2011

12.14 DPP 2011

Candy Houses:  Again Wednesdays I am LUCKY enough to be in Holden's classroom.  Today was a special day, it seems likes it's been a special week!  BUT today their 3rd grade buddies came and helped them make candy houses.  My job was putting names on the plates:-)  not too hard.  This is Holden's house...he told me ALL about his design...

Today I also got to meet his 3rd grade buddy! They pair them up with a 3rd grade class and a student in that class.  This boy is really nice, and he seems to really like to help Holden.  It really is sweet to see him with his buddy.  I also realized that when Daniel is in Kinder, Holden will be in THIRD grade!  He could be a buddy in Daniel's class!

This has been the week of SUGAR.  Birthdays in class, candy houses, class potluck, advent calendar chocolate...HELP ME!  :-)  We really are BLESSED!

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