Thursday, December 15, 2011

12.15 DPP 2011

Today was a potluck in Holden's class...The paper came home, the instructions were to bring something that is tradition, something you have that means "Christmas" to you.  Really?  us?  tradition?  especially when it comes to eating:-)  Tom tells everyone that I never make a recipe twice.  I mean I am a "foodie" I LOVE to cook, but mostly I LOVE to try new recipes.  I am always trying new things, I have VERY few "staples".  SO this was HARD.  I really didn't want to make something sweet, figuring the class would be full of desserts and cookies(I was right), but the ONLY thing I make every holiday season is the Pioneer Woman cinnamon rolls.  I gift them, and we eat them.  They barely make it out of the oven without being eaten.  Hence the non full dish above.  SO this is what I made and they were GOOD.

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With love, April said...

Hey I want to try them, do you make the full recipe or a half recipe. Do you make the maple frosting as well?