Friday, December 16, 2011

How do YOU sleep? #2

Do you see him? 

How about now?

Yep, that's Daniel asleep in the corner BEHIND the chair, WITH his puppy!  This is how I found him.  I almost DIDN't find him, I mean I looked in his bed, then the chair, THEN the closet...then Holden's room, and as I was headed to my room, I saw his little feet poking out from behind the chair!  I LOVE how his water is on his legs I mean there is NO WAY I could do that if I tried! He didn't even wake up when I climbed on the rickety chair to take his picture!  

When he did wake and I asked him why he slept there, his answer was, "Because my bed is to small for everyone!"  

Hmm twin sized bed, too small for:  1 TWO year old, 1 life sized puppy, 1 bear like blanket, 1 corduroy bear, a music box, and what ever else he collects while he is "winding down"  might be true, BUT I don't think a corner behind the chair is ANY bigger:-):-)

LOVE this kid!

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