Sunday, December 18, 2011

12.18 DPP 2011

It beginning to look a lot like CHRISTMAS!  Vacation has started, baking is taking place, cooking, planning, wrapping, sending:-)  I LOVE this season!  The sweetest thing is having my boys talk about  St. Nick, and  hearing Daniel say, "Baby Jeshus was bon in a manger, my doggie wasn't bon in a manger!"  Holden likes to tell all about the entire story of Christmas and Easter all together.  But mostly he talks about Narnia, as Tom is reading him the books, they are on Prince Caspian right now.  Daniel is soaking up reading as well, he knows a lot of his books, and a surprising amount of our Christmas books.  When he sees an angel in a book, he whispers , "Do not be afraid"  It is fun to watch the boys experience Christmas and just life through their little eyes and their BIG hearts:-)


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jojo said...

m&m's remind me of your precious boys. .. :D