Saturday, December 17, 2011

This is me:-)

This is me:-)  I have almost NO pictures of me, simply because I am ALWAYS the one with the camera, at least in my house:-)  Anyway, I wanted to document the fact that I wasn't wearing BROWN...ahem...some people have mentioned that I MIGHT have a little too much brown in my closet:-)  SO I decided to prove I wear OTHER colors too:-)  The mistake of course was giving my husband the camera.  He turns all paparazzi one me and snaps A MILLION pictures! AND then I get silly and then you have pictures like these:-) 

I have NO idea what I am doing here!  being silly I guess!

I am so blessed to have a husband who loves me, thinks I am beautiful, and loves to make me laugh!  I LOVE LOVE the fact that we are SO comfortable in our marriage that we can be ourselves and be silly and strange and not worry;-P

I guess this post is just to say, I am blessed, my husband is a gift, and I am HAPPY.:-)

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With love, April said...

I love you my silly beautiful friend!!!!!!