Sunday, December 04, 2011

Going on a Tree Hunt | 2011

Today we did our annual tree hunting, repeating the venue of last years hunt, we are very BLESSED to have family so close, and some who live on property with MANY trees:-)  It used to be a tree farm!  We met up with Beth and Josh, and the grands and we began our tree hunt, well after a tasty lunch of soup and grilled cheese:-)  Have to keep the kids fed and happy!

Two of my boys, oh how I love this man and the daddy he is to our boys:-)

 We found our tree rather quickly, really not usual for me, I am usually VERY picky, but this one was right by the road and it was perfect!  

the littlest of the littles, they LOVEd tromping around, as long as the mommies didn't get too far away!

Oh the biggest decision of all is this tree big ENOUGH?  The Grands get the biggest tree of us all, Grandpere trying to see HOW big he can go with the tree, they have the tallest ceilings of us all and a perfect place to put this LARGE tree:-)

Yup it'll work, let's carry it off...

Takes several  people to carry this tree:-)  Good thing we had SO many helpers.

Beth picked this tree from the start, BUT then they tromped around to make sure it was "it", it was until they cut it down, and then it was a bit small in Josh's opinion, SO they cut down another and took them both:-)  One for the playroom and one for the living room, in Beth's opinion you can NEVER have too much Christmas in your home:-)  OR too soon or long for that matter!

ALL the kids minus Daniel, AKA Grumpy Pants!  He wanted NOTHING to do with this!  AND in fact made it hard to take the picture as MOMMY must hold him NOW!

We love our family near and far, such a FUN day!

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