Sunday, January 08, 2012

Happy Birthday Grandpere!

Today was Grandpere's birthday, SO we headed up, after first stopping as requested to pick up a chocolate explosion cake from the Nugget Grocery.  It was RICH.  We really are blessed to have family so close, I wish ALL our family was closer, but this is nice:-)  
The littles play in there own world, while the big littles play all over the house.  While the Bigs chat and laugh and eat:-)

Poor Grandpere had to blow his candles out twice, well wait, no let me rephrase that!  Poor Grandmere had to light Grandpere's candles twice because Daniel blew out the candles the first time BEFORE Grandpere was ready.  I LOVE how cakes with candles are SO fascinating to kids!

There was much fun had by all!  Thank you Grandpere for letting us acknowledge your birthday!  We love you!

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