Wednesday, February 01, 2012

1000 gifts | January

So awhile back I started reading this blog, and then when I got my Kindle for Christmas this was the first book I purchased!  I had been waiting as I am trying not to buy paper copies of books anymore!  SO in reading the book, I thought I would gift it a try, this 1000 gifts list, a list of thanksgiving of Eucharisto, as she talks about in this book.  And I started out, I have failed at doing it daily, I have one journal, she talks about having many, to catch where the thanksgiving hits.  I try to have mine accessible, but I am still learning this life of thanksgiving.  I can see the slight shift in my thoughts, the desire to go to thanksgiving when fear or worry hit, so I am praying this sticks, that in doing I will want to do more (giving thanks that is).

So I publish my list here, for noone but myself.  But maybe just maybe, you will start your own list, start seeing God and His gifts in the everyday, in the mundane, and in the HARD.  AND I would encourage everyone to read the book!

If you need help with your list you can find January's Joy Dare here, and February's here.

1000 gifts:
1.  God speaks to my heart through scripture: Galations 6.
2.  A friend called for an impromptu coffee date, honored.
3.  Peace about my "jobs"
4.  A husband who reads the bible, and trusts in it.
5.  The blue cast of morning light in our bedroom.
6. The gift of watching Paul's words come to life in a friends life, "learning to be content in all circumstances".
7.  Snuggles with D as he falls asleep.
8.  A husband who cooks.
9.  exercise.
10.  A husband who works from home.
11.  The quiet of a house with napping boys.
12. Friends who check in, and who I check in on.
13.  My boys sheer joy in the shower, as the water falls on their heads.
14.  date night
15.  late night card games with friends
16.  fun projects
17.  the hum of the sewing machine as creativity is expressed.
18.  Sweet, fruity smoothie breath on a two-year old.
19.  Kids and bedtime conversations.
20.  Peace
21.  The feel of my husbands embrace.
22.  Our church family.
23.  God going before me.
24.  EVERY piece of train track laid out in the playroom!
25.  Rain softly falling on parched ground.
26.  H giggles as he reads his book.
27.  Holding D in bed after a dream.
28.  Forgiveness that was desperately needed today.
29.  sweet sister in law.
30. my husband.
31. love of our community.
32. The grands visit while Tom is gone.
33.  God speaks through his word, and through others.
34.  lying awake feeling the urge to pray for my husband and the team are in India.
35.  safe return of the team to the "home base"
36.  sunshine this morning.
37.  short updates from Tom
38.  The perfect light for my 9-month session.
39.  An email from Tom at "just the right" time.
40.  Oatmeal in the crockpot
41.  slipping out of bed without disturbing the 2 year old sleeping next to me:-)
42.  FOG that came in AFTER the photo session.
all set up!

homemade whip cream

yum!  Tart!

giving thanks!  For volunteers!

last moments before daddy leaves!


ice cream!

design work!

me and my oldest:-)

My littlest!

a message to dad.


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jojo said...

I love this. I'm checking into the Feb. one.
Is the name of the book 1000 gifts? awesome!