Sunday, January 29, 2012

Project 365 | Week 4

01.22 SWEET :-)

We had a ministry thank you dinner at our house, and the boys went to our friends house so their older kids could watch them:-) This is what we found when we walked in to pick them up! Too precious! SO glad the boys have such a great "older brother" to look up to! Thanks Pete!

01.23 And they are off!

Tom and 17 others left tonight for India, a 2 week trip to help with an eye clinic and spread God's love and His truth! I will miss him terribly as will the boys! But I know this is where God wants him and I can't wait to hear all about it!

01.24 friends

tonight we had dinner with two sweet friends with a total of 8 kids between us it was fun:) and easy!

01.25 The Grandparents are HERE!

And they brought their beloved dog...who is getting OVER loved in this house, all we hear is "where's Dach?" A nice distraction from daddy being gone.

01.26 HOMESHOW 2012

Tonight was the night each year we go and spend a cold evening into night finishing off my brother in laws space for the Cal Expo Home and Garden Expo, it's always fun, a lot of work and beautiful in the end! I am EXHAUSTED though! I like how it turned out and I like being useful:-) I also designed new postcards for them:-)

01.27 Holden Shares

Today was Pajama Day at Holden's school, and it being Friday it was share day. As it goes if you don't have something you brought to share, you can share a story. Holden said, "My daddy is in India, for the people's eyes" SO Sweet! :-)

01.28 You Scream, We all Scream!

Ahh Saturday! No school, nothing to do, SO we went bowling, my mom KILLED us all with a 142, I didn't quite break 100 with a 99:( After bowling we all needed some ice cream! I don't think the boys liked theirs AT ALL! What a fun day!

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