Sunday, January 22, 2012

Project 365 | Week 3

01.15 He Did IT!

Well we figured it out...Holden was having trouble figuring out the whole bike riding thing...I wondered if his bike was too big...I guess it was! We got Daniel a small bike, and Holden learned on that! He is SO proud! He wants to show everyone!

01.16 The Shy's the Limit

Today was all about planning the design portion of this year's VBS in June, I am SO excited! I started thinking design right after LAST year's VBS when I saw the theme! I can't wait to transform our church into the sky!

01.17 Shots

Tonight we went with Tom to get his shots for India. He is going on a missions trip and leaving Monday! Two weeks without him:( But I know God put it on his heart to go and I am SO excited to hear what He does while Tom is there. Getting the shots was quite the experience, the lady was 20 minutes late, and she was quite convinced Tom should have EVERY shot they offered!

01.18 HOME :-)

I LOVE that Tom works from home. Even though it's hard to leave him alone and let him work, it is SO nice to have him close:-)

01.19 RAIN!

FINALLY to feels a little like winter and some misty rain is making it damp and cold...I am appreciating it:-) LOVE our rain boots in a row!

01.20 1 down, 2 to go!

I am having a volunteer thank you dinner at my house on Sunday, this is one of three desserts I am making:-) I am excited to be able to treat my volunteers in HorizonKids and say thank you the best way I know how:-) With FOOD!

01.21 Relaxing

Watching a little documentary on India, getting ready for the big trip.

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