Sunday, January 15, 2012

Project 365 | Week 2


Today we all gathered to celebrate Grandpere! He LOVES dessert so of course there was a yummy cake! Daniel stole a little of his thunder when he beat him to blowing out the candles! But we just lit them again and this time grandpere got the candles out first. A great day!


Daniel LOVES music, he loves to play Grandmere's piano, uses anything he can find as drumsticks, and sings himself to sleep and to wake:-) It's so sweet:-)

Today Daniel did SO well in gymnastics, no whining, no crying, AND he listened to everything Coach Ted said! Yay! AND he had fun! SO I treated him to Starbucks, and he insisted we get Holden some too! So we surprised Holden with a treat after school:-) Love my boys!

I have a few "jobs", luckily I LOVE them all. Today my mother in law came down to spend time with the boys, work with holden who can't get enough of learning to read. And I in turn worked, editing photos of my sweet friends. I definitely LOVE this job!

Today Daniel has been super clingy, not grumpy just wanting to be with me ALL day! Here we are watching Holden at gymnastics and he is seated right next to me on the bleachers with his hand on my leg. I am not going to lie, it's hard on clingy days, BUT these moments are sweet!

Today we headed up to Beth's to play with the cousins...I kept asking myself is it REALLY January as I read my magazine and the kids jumped in the trampoline, all in the warm sun!

We were having dinner with our good friends when she gets out her iPad to take her Project 365 picture, SO I decided to include her in my picture:) What a fun evening!

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