Sunday, February 12, 2012

Project 365 | Week 6

WHAT?!?! How can it be the SIXTH week of 2012 already!

02.05 Daddy is HOME!

The boys ARE SO excited to have daddy home! They have been a little out of sorts since his arrival but I think that is to be expected!

02.06 ReUNITED!!

He is back where he belongs! Tonight we got the AMAZING gift of being able to go out ALONE and debrief a little from his time away, and my time here at home. It was good, I will never regret him going on this trip no matter how hard it was! God showed him some awesome stuff while he was away, and in true God fashion, He did amazing things here too! Good Stuff!

02.07 PIZZA!

When Tom got in the car after picking him up from the India trip, he commented about how he had seen an ad for pizza and it looked SO good:-) Well we had burgers the first night, pizza the next two nights! Welcome back home! :-)


Tonight Tom and I went with some friends to see the MUTEMATH show! It was awesome! They are GREAT performers! I LOVE that this is something we LOVE to do together:-)

02.09 and WE are OFF!

Yep we are CRAZY! Our daddy just returned and off we go to the desert! Off to visit my parents, grandparents, and my brother's family! It's bound to be a whirlwind trip, but as always I am sure it will be great

02.10 CUTE BOYS!

Today we spent with my grandparents, the boys GREAT grandparents, Holden colored at their house, and Daniel ran around in his crazy fashion:-) You will notice they are in their swimsuits, that's right it is warm enough to go swimming! AND it doesn't hurt that the pool is heated:-)

02.11 YUP!

This pretty much sums up the day:-) We got up, went to the street faire, then to Panera, then headed to San Diego to visit my brother's family. The boys were SO excited! As soon as we got there the boys disappeared and the craziness ensued! This pic was taken at the end of the night, sheer exhaustion and delirium had set in!

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jojo said...

love the boys new hair cuts.
P.D. was and is one of our fav spots.. we lived pretty close.