Sunday, February 19, 2012

365 | Week 7

02.12 LegoLand

Today we all went to Legoland! Daniel was a bit to small, but LOVED every ride he could go on! Holden had a GREAT time! He was sad to leave! They loved the star wars set up in mini land, and basically everything else! A fun day! Thanks to grandma and grandpa, and the SD family!

02.13 SICK!

Fever, congestion, a few days worth:( Hoping it ends soon!

02.14 HOME?

Terminal B looks SO different now, the boys were excited to ride on the "train" again, I was just glad to be home to my sweetie:-)

02.15 noskateboards

LOVE this sign Holden made:-) Even with the misspellings:-) He is reading SO well I am SO proud of him!

02.16 Smiles Come Easy

Sometimes, when we drove into the parking lot, Daniel saw these carts and insisted on "driving" one...Who and I to deny him:-)? Things you said you would never do:-)


We FINALLY got to the Chef's Table. The menu was interesting, not good for the diet or heart, but good flavors...not totally what we were expecting, but again good. Would have been better if the "plague of 2012" had not claimed it's first victim (Tom) during the dinner:(

02.18 Entertaining the troops

Daddy is sick, so its me and the boys, good thing this guy thinks I'm the best thing since sliced bread:-)

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