Sunday, February 26, 2012

365 | Week 8

02.19 The Traveling Bucket

Today, I became victim #2 of the "plague of 2012" and to think I thought Tom had food poisoning! Ugh! This bucket moved from his side to my side:( I hope it's over quickly!

02.20 Sick Bay

Who knew that the "plague of 2012" and bunk beds DON'T mix? After the first incident Holden was relegated to the floor of the extra room, and at his request daddy, who was feeling the best of the parents joined him. Thank goodness for Tom, my stomach was in NO shape to be a help...I could barely move:( I LOVE that we are a team, not a one man show, that he will help with the sickies, and the middle of the nights! I LOVE him!

02.21 Poor Guy!

The "plague of 2012" victim #3, this is what he looked like most of the day! "I know how you feel buddy..." I hope it ends soon and Daniel stays strong as the sole survivor!

02.22 It Has Begun

Just a glimpse as SKY begins to take over our lives:-) I LOVE VBS! Can't wait!

02.23 OUCH!

I ran an errand Tom went to the park with the boys, when I returned I saw this boy with an ice pack on the couch! Of course tomorrow when he returns to school not only will he be able to talk about the "plague of 2012" BUT he will look like THIS! Good thing it's share day!

02.24 Dinner In!

This week has been rough! We knew we couldn't have our scheduled date night, well at least not a night out, SO we ordered in:-) A local Meat & Fish market offers a full meal for two for $30, you just take it home and bake it:-) It was yummy and we had leftovers:-) A perfect end to a not so perfect week!

02.25 Adrianne!!!

We all agree Holden looks a little like Rocky! or like he was in quite the fight! This morning he looked at me and said, "Mom, this has been a ROUGH week!" No kidding!

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