Monday, February 27, 2012

Daddy vs. Mommy

We all know it happens right?  Dads and Moms have some different "rules" different things they allow, etc.  Case in point, see Holden's eye?  Now I am NOT saying it would never happen on MY watch, but, well anyway we should probably get to the story!

 A couple of days ago I left the house, for some alone time grocery shopping,  and when I came home Holden was on the couch with an ice pack.  You see we had been sick, Tom and I, and Holden was, we thought, recovering.  SO dad took them to the park, seemed harmless enough.  But Daniel wanted to ride in the single jogging stroller.  No problem, right?  Well then Holden wanted to ride on THE FRONT of said stroller, something mom does NOT allow!

 So anyways they went to the park and had a great time...It was the ride home where the trouble started, again Daniel was in the stroller and Holden was ON THE FRONT of the stroller, Daddy thought he would have some fun, and would be a little crazy.  Our cautious, sort of, older son though Daddy was going to fast.  So he yelled, "STOP!" as he reached down and tried to stop the front tire with his hand, which then threw him off the stroller and face hit the ROAD!  

Honestly SO many worse things could have happened, I mean he TRIED TO STOP THE TIRE WITH HIS HAND!  And I am really not afraid of bumps and bruises, also it's NOT LIKE I HAVE NEVER BEEN THERE WHEN THEY HAVE GOTTEN HURT!  But this was his worst injury to date.

Really this post is not a daddy VS. mommy post more like "the difference between daddies and mommies"...I don't know I tend to have more rules, less fun probably...oh well:-)  I am sure in a few weeks there will be another post like this only the injury is sure to happen on MY watch!

Such is life with BOYS!

It's healing up nicely, and doesn't seem to bother him too much after the initial OUCH!  AND he is getting A LOT of attention!  SO I think it's ok...although he did get sick again, and he looked at me and said, "Mommy I've had a ROUGH week!"  Yes you have little man!

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