Sunday, April 01, 2012

365 | Week 13

03.25 Uncle Dude

We had friends over for dinner, dear friends, and I must say the BEST part was Uncle Darrin or Dude as the Gabs calls him, reading Daniel's favorite books to them all, he has definitely won my boys heart, we truly are blessed with GREAT friends! Our boys are VERY loved!

03.26 Iron Man?

Holden wanted me to take a picture of his muscles as he posed as ironman:-)

03.27 Dress Up!

Today this boy could not get enough of dress-up, he was a pilot, a doctor, a fireman, and a lion! I think we covered it all!

03.28 Happy Birthday to my Best Friend!

Today is Tom's birthday, we started with french toast, and we went out to lunch, I had a great dinner planned but it had to be postponed, sometimes life is like that...we trust God, and what He is doing even when it feels like chaos...

03.29 A Million Hands!

Or at least it seemed that way! Prepping for Palm Sunday, I think I may have created more work for myself while trying not to create too much work for my volunteers! Luckily I had some spring breakers offer to help! Can't wait to see all the kids celebrating Sunday!

03.30 Birthday Raincheck!

Since Tom's birthday celebration was delayed...we decide to celebrate it tonight in lieu of date night. we had friends over for Salmon burgers, corn salad, and sweet potato fries...Oh yeah and the requested Homemade mudpie:-);-) I love my husband!

03.31 God's Promise

It's been an interesting, troubling week. We have friends who are hurting, family who are going through a ridiculously tough season, and other family that is hurting. But we have also seen God working, we've seen miracles, and we trust in God's promises. In fact we cling to them when the impossible seems to happen. Today after raining all day, we saw THIS...Thank you God for the reminder you are always with us!

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