Sunday, March 25, 2012

365 | Week 12

03.18 Got Sleep?

Daniel has given up napping, but if he stops long enough after 2pm, this is what happens:-) SO cute! And yet SO frustrating!

03.19 Spring Newsletter

Finished and sent! LOVE my ministry!

03.20 Zipline!

A terrible picture, BUT SO fun! This kid(Daniel) is fearless!

03.21 Reading

I love reading with Holden everyday. He comes home with a book from his reading center and has to read it to me 2 times:-) It's a fun time of day!

03.22 Purple Pants

Yesterday while driving Daniel had a diaper failure! When we got to our friends house we had to borrow some pants, she only has girls...Daniel thought he was pretty cool in the purple pants, he especially liked the rhinestone heart!

03.23 Summer is Coming!

I can't wait to do some cooking on this! My goal is gourmet camp cooking! No more freeze-dried meals for us!

03.24 Decorating Day!

Today was the first of 2 decorating days for this summers VBS! We got a lot done! The painted boards all became paper airplanes, and you can see a white cloud in there too! We made a TON!

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