Sunday, March 18, 2012

365 | Week 11

03.11 Airplanes

They are popular in this house! AND Daniel is very much into driving, and flying everything around complete with engine and crashing sounds:-)

03.12 Manuscript Study

Tonight we started a new study, Nehemiah Manuscript style! I love the messy, deep way that this gets you into God's word! Can't wait for next week!

03.13 Watch out!

We are getting ready to Fly into the SKY at VBS this summer, so fun as supplies and attire arrive at our door a couple times a week! Seriously would you trust this person with your kids?!?

03.14 From Our Garden

Tonight we had a yummy BBQ chicken salad, it tasted EVEN better on a bed of our own greens from the garden:-)

03.15 Green Smoothie

We are back to the produce box and I have been getting back into the green smoothies:-) Now with a little protein powder GREAT post workout treat!

03.16 Ice Cream Sandwich

This boys LOVES his chocolate ice cream, and it's even better between TWO chocolate chip cookies! YUM!

03.17 Star Wars

Tom and Holden have started watching Star Wars, it's a special treat when little brother is sleeping:-) So FUN!

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