Sunday, March 11, 2012

365 | Week 10

03.04 For Me!

I made myself a shirt from scratch! I started with a pattern, and then modified it, I love it!

03.05 Work

When I have to take Daniel into work with me for my weekly meeting he gets to pick out a movie to watch, he is SUCH a good kid, I can usually get my whole meeting in without interruption! I am glad that most weeks I have grand mere to play with him instead of showing a movie!

03.06 The Giving Tree

This is Daniel's favorite book! He knows almost the whole thing by heart, just by looking at the picture. I hope to always remember his little voice reciting this sweet book. We read it every night!

03.07 Windows Down

It was a beautiful spring day today, AND I love love his little hand out the window...whenever its down this is where his hand is:-) SO cute!

03.08 To Grandmere's House We Go!

The boys are off for one night, while Tom and I getaway! SO excited, and luckily so are they!

03.09 My Little Leprechaun!

Today was activity day, this is how Holden came out to greet me! Love this Kid! I couldn't resist!

03.10 Night Away

A night, just one in Tahoe, just enough to refresh and remind us of why we love being married, we truly are friends and time together is SO fun! Good food, Good weather, Good times, and Good company!

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