Sunday, March 04, 2012

365 | Week 9

02.26 So Far So Good

So far this little guy has escaped the plague! THANK GOODNESS!

02.27 Teenage Boy?

This kid NEVER stops eating! Or SO it seems! This is him with his second helping, AND finishing off his brother's first helping! What will his teenage years be like!

02.28 Healing Nicely

So NICE to see his WHOLE eye again! Now he feels like a celebrity because everyone asks him about it:-)

02.29 4 of 4

The plague FINALLY hit this poor little guy:( At least now it should mean we are done with it!

03.01 Coach Mike is the BEST!

Today Holden was a little apprehensive to go into gymnastics, mostly due to his eye injury...AND they started off with the bungy harness, he was NOT feeling it, BUT coach Mike worked through it, and he got Holden up there! THIS is why I LOVE coach Mike!

03.02 Re: A Couples Night Out

A sweet night out with couple's from our church. There were lots of laughs, some special moments, and some great sharing. All the hard work was well worth it!

03.03 Breakfast of Champions!

We joined the grands in Auburn for a tasty breakfast this morning! Yummy! Holden ate the WHOLE thing! He said he was STARVING!

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