Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Daniel Whittington house concert

Last night our friend Daniel Whittington played a concert at our house.  This is the second time he has done this, it was SO fun!  I made a lot of food and we invited friends and neighbors.  It is really fun to have such talented friends!  

Daniel arrived midday Monday, and while talking he informed us that he was doing the P90X workouts, even on the road!  Of course I had to try them out!  So I joined him for 30 minutes of his 60 minute workout!  I can tell you I was sweaty and tired by the end of the 30 minutes!  And I am sore today!

One of the sweetest moments of the evening was when our Daniel climbed up into "auntie" Susan's lap for the concert:-)  She told me later she felt so special!  I love that!  He's such a sweetie!  Daniel played for a couple hours and then hung out.  It really was a neat evening!  

The boys were fascinated by this Daniel being in our house, Daniel Reid commented several times today how fun it was to listen to Daniel play his guitar.  Holden was by his side the entire time they both were awake:-)

If you weren't there you should check out his music!

In case your interested, I made the following food (I tweaked some of the recipes, but for the most part made them as is, and they were all YUMMY!)

We had "street tacos" filled with

this slaw

This salad

This hummus
and this hummus (this one was posted by the author yesterday, I happened to check her site and couldn't resist making it!)

pico de gallo

I believe that is it:-) 


jojo said...

how fun, and thanks for the new recipe web sites. :)

jojo said...

how fun, and thanks for the new recipe web sites. :)

Jessica said...

This looks like it was so much fun! And I also visited the food sites and pinned a few. ;) Good music, good food, and good friends - just doesn't get any better than that!