Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Zoo Break

Today we went to the ZOO.  In the middle of the week, for simply an afternoon.  It was PERFECT.  I have trouble unplugging, and right now we are SUPER busy.  Involved in a lot of good stuff, but still very busy, the brain is ALWAYS on.
So, I had a GROUPON that was about to expire (seriously me and Groupon do NOT agree, I hate the expiration dates!, mostly because I can't remember to use them before said dates!)  So we went. its been awhile.

I LOVED hearing the boys, "MOM look at this!  DAD I want to show you!"

It's so fun to experience it through their eyes!  They loved the monkeys, were fascinating when they do that thing they do that I won't mention!  Yes they did it right in front of the boys, who thought it gross yet hilarious!  BOYS!

A favorite thing was feeding the giraffe.  For a small fee they call the giraffe over and give you several leaves to feed them.  This was so fun!  The boys LOVED it!

Look at that ENORMOUS tongue!

Funny things we heard Daniel say, he is certainly a comedian, but somethings are just kids being honest.
While looking at a tortoise, a young boy comes up and says, "HELLO!!!!" to said tortoise, and Daniel promptly says, "He can't talk to you, you know!"

A bird was saying "hello" to people who walked by, so we went up to it, at which point it started just making a LOUD constant noise...we watched for a little while seeing if it would stop, it didn't...we walked away, only to turn back to see Daniel leaning over the railing saying, "Hey!  That's a little LOUD you know!"  Oy!  Where has he heard THAT before:-)

I LOVED hanging out with the boys, without an agenda and just seeing THEM in this place:-)  Holden is at this really neat age where he reads and wants to read everything...Graffiti on the park bench (not so good), every sign and animal info board (good).  He also wants to DO everything, so like feeding the animals, or while we are at a show or teaching point, he VOLUNTEERS to help!  I LOVE that!

Because of his eagerness to volunteer he got to help train the sea otters, or at least he got to be part pf the exhibit:-)

Daniel spotted this jeep and HAD to drive it!  Nevermind that it was out of order...

I am not sure what is so fascinating about sticking your head through a hole in a board, BUT now you have two cute tarantulas:-)

And a butterfly

And here they drove the tractor, together because mom only had 3 quarters and it took 2 per ride!  So dad had the great idea to ride together!  Look how tired Daniel is!  NO nap, and he was yawning at 10 AM, hope he sleeps well tonight!

We attempted some pictures together, NEVER give your kids gum BEFORE a photo!  Argh!  Oh well!

We ended the day with a carousel ride!  What a fun day!
God is teaching me to slow down and be...I've never been good at it, but it's days like today when I can relax, and enjoy the moment that I am SO thankful for His whispers and nudges to doing something that is great for me and our family.  I love these little gifts He has given me, and I don't want this time to pass without these precious days of just being together and enjoying each other!

I hope my boys remember these days always:-)

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Amanda Lomonaco said...

That looks like a perfect day! Love that sweet family time when we can all just slow down. I wish it were more frequent!! Miss you guys!!