Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Kinder Play

 Tonight we had Holden's Kinder play, they did some "nanny goat" adaptation of Billy Goat Gruff.  Holden was selected to be a TROLL, this is the part he had hoped for:-)  He practiced at home, taught Daniel the Troll song, and troll faces, he was excited!  We got him all ready in his attire. And headed off to school.

As we got out of the car Holden said, "Uh, I'm not sure about this!"  But after a quick pep talk from me and Grandpere he was ready to go.

His line was, "These must be the biggest goats yet!"  And "MMMMM", Then he sang, "STOP! Where you are, I will gobble you UP!" :-)

This boy watched, "His Holden" intently the WHOLE time.  The funniest part was, the audience was laughing at something with the Trolls, and then the theatre was QUIET...and Daniel says clear as day and LOUD, "What's so funny MOM?"  That got the audience going, and Grandmere and I just may have collapsed in elementary giggles, you know the kind where you can't stop if you tried:-)  It was PRECIOUS!

Giving me his perfected troll face!

Then we headed to Coldstone for ice cream, I think Daniel liked his chocolate pick:-)

Holden ALWAYS picks blue, which means bubble gum(yuck!) OR Cotton Candy

A fun night with the boys and the Grands:-)

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE and ADORE this man?  Being a Daddy of boys definitely suits him:-)  This year we will be married 10 years, I love him more each day.  My life is blessed beyond measure.

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Jo Little said...

What great memories & pictures you captured. I have so many silly pictures and video of my girls at their preschool and elementary ages. Memories to last a lifetime.
Your boys r 2 cute !