Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Summer Birthday Party

Today Holden's class celebrated the kids who will have summer birthdays.  Obviously Holden was included!  They sang happy birthday, and had treats.  I made strawberry lemonade cupcakes, someone brought ice cream sandwiches, and someone else brought juice boxes...serious SUGAR!

No idea WHAT he is doing here!

These are the cupcakes, I started with this recipe.  But I shopped at Trader Joes and they did not have pink lemonade, so I improvised, I blended some frozen strawberries into lemonade concentrate:-)  nice flavor, natural pink color, win-win!  I also used butter instead of oil, because I don't use vegetable oil and Tom always complains olive oil adds a flavor.  I obviously didn't fuss with two colors of icing, or the piping:-)  I don't love using food coloring and the strawberries gave a pleasant pink color:-)

Happy EARLY birthday sweet boy!

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