Saturday, June 09, 2012

End of Kinder (Show)

Yesterday we went to Holden's end of the year program.  This was a song performance outlining what they learned all year.  It was fun, although I bet his teacher was wishing she had put Holden in the back...either he was EXTREMELY tired or BORED.  He was dazed, silent and yawning almost THE WHOLE TIME!  Although he did sing a little bit, and did do a few hand motions, one of which included elbowing the girl next to him, I wish I had caught it, reminded me of this.  

BUT afterward he was happy with his performance, and acted excited about it, some of this may have had to do with grandparents attendance AND treats at the park afterward.

Unfortunately this post should end here, because we went to lunch afterward, and let's just say I have an apology note from Holden to the grandparents for the next time we see them!

Parenting is NOT for the weak!  But I LOVE my boy, and they both recovered after naps:-)

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