Tuesday, July 03, 2012

10th Anniversary Getaway | Day Two

Ahh waking up whenever you want, NOW that's vacation!  When we arrived at our Inn, we thought 9am sounded SO late for breakfast!  HA!  We made into the dining room no earlier than 9:30:-)

After breakfast we made our way up towards Fort Bragg, stopping at the Point Cabrillo Lighthouse along the way! I have never toured a lighthouse so I was SUPER excited!  Unfortunately this one is not one you can go up into the light tower, so while interesting it did not feed my curiosity for lighthouses:-)
It was fun to venture around the property and see the light keepers quarters, etc.  Apparently you can even rent one of the houses for your family and stay out there!

We had fun walking around, and enjoying the scenery:-)

After we left the lighthouse we went to Russian Gulch State Park. We took our bikes and headed out on this trail, it was fun riding the trails, it was my FIRST EVER trail ride...I love my new to me bike:-)  After about 1 mile you have to park your bike and venture on foot to a waterfall, it was a nice walk and a nice view at the end:-)

Proof that my bike saw some mud:-)  Tom took a picture of my back, as a beginner I didn't even think about slowing down in the thick mud!  Luckily I don't mind a little mud, but my back was covered:-)

After our hike/ride, we were STARVING, so we headed to Fort Bragg and found this Brewing company.  The food was DELICIOUS, the beer just so-so.  But the company was THE BEST;-P

Guess which sampler is mine:-)  

After lunch we headed back to Russian Gulch, to see the famous sink hole...we ventured along the coast, and apparently I didn't take a picture of the hole!

Then we headed down to the beach spot in the state park, and checked out this bridge:-)  It was pretty cool.

By then we were ready to head back and enjoy a glass of wine in our room.

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We were NOT hungry at all for dinner, so we headed out for a salad, and soup...we ended up here, I probably wouldn't go there again, but we enjoyed ourselves:-)

Another GREAT day with the man I love celebrating 10 YEARS of marriage!

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