Tuesday, July 24, 2012

He Swims...

This guy, yes that's Daniel, just under 3 years old, has suddenly become a fish!  He started swimming on his own, TWO days ago!  We were out with him and he decided to try swimming in between Tom and I, and slowly he did it with hardly any help at all!  The next day the boys went out with Tom...after awhile I ventured out and before I even got to the pool I saw Daniel swim under water on his own from  Tom to the step!  

Now that he knows he can do it he is a MANIAC!  Always saying, "I'm swimming to you!"  He's jumping off the edge, off the pedestals everything!  Last night we had our friends, over and he was swimming with "Uncle" Darrin!  He LOVES it, as I type this he is anxiously waiting for Daddy to finish work so WE CAN GO IN THE POOL:-)

I didn't catch this jump from the side, but I did get him in the water!

You would think all this swimming would tire him out!  But no he was up with the big kids until almost 11PM last night!  But then he did sleep until 8:-)

Seriously SO exciting to have him swimming!

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Rachel Larkin said...

That is so awesome!