Thursday, July 26, 2012


Tom took this picture:-)...I have taught him well:-)  This picture is PERFECT.  Captures joy, mischief, and most importantly my oldest BOY!

Six?!?  How can it be that you are SIX!  I love your sweet playful heart, your smile melts me.  Your intellect and gift of persuasion challenge me.  You are a great mix of mommy and daddy.  Although the ways in which you and I are similar, are the parts that challenge me the most:-)

You are a gift from God, a blessing, you began our family, we love you and can not wait for what your seventh year brings.  Each year gets better, as we see who you are becoming.  God is forming you into an amazing person, SEEK Him, TRUST Him, LOVE Him, and He will be your source of JOY, CONTENTMENT, STRENGTH, and WORTH. 

Ahhh I have a SIX year old!  That MUST mean I am getting OLD;-)!

Happy Birthday!

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With love, April said...

6 years old, oh my goodness! Happy Birthday Holden. And so happy to see you blogging again!!!