Saturday, August 04, 2012

A Birthday Party...

For the littles....if you remember Miss A was born a little early on Holden's 3rd birthday (and Daniel's due date!), and then Daniel was born a week later...SO we decided to celebrate them together this year!  I made everyone a shirt, here you see the boys shirts and the sketch for Miss A's:-)

Here is Miss A's shirt all finished:-)  She was SO excited when she got it!

There were lots of kiddos in the pool of course!

Our little fish...

I made these pretty AMAZING banana chocolate cupcakes...and then we decorated them with worms and cookie crumbs, and pretzels to make dirt worms, and butterfly cakes:-)

Daniel was SO excited to have "Happy Birthday" sung to him:-)  AND apparently Anya was excited to blow out the candles as she blew out Daniel's too.  At the time he didn't seem to mind, but now he talks about it A LOT.

The kids enjoyed the cupcakes:-)

Holden lucked out and got a gift and card that day too!;-)

The older siblings helped the littles read their cards:-)

There were lots of people, gifts, love and of course fun!  We were really touched that so many people came to celebrate our little ones!

This is Miss A's smile:-)  We are trying to work on it!
It was a FUN day!

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