Wednesday, July 18, 2012


It all started last month when we went to the dentist for the first time, we knew Holden's front bottom teeth were loose, but SHE GAVE him a box for his teeth...Then he couldn't wait for them to fall out:-)  Now I am a little obsessive, when I was younger the minute my teeth were loose enough to wiggle, I wiggled obsessively until they came out...I don't EVER remember waiting weeks for them to come out!  

But wait we did, it felt endless...weeks went by and no teeth came out, until finally last Sunday it happened!  It fell out!  He was so excited...(side note, we have NO plans to entertain a tooth fairy, I am considering an edible treat when teeth are lost, so he was not excited expecting money, I rather think it was the attention he was excited about!)  The tooth went in the box.

He looks so cute with his "gap" :-)  He loves having a photoshoot, so of course we had to do it:-)

The tooth...

And of course THIS guy had to show me his tooth...Every time we talk about Holden losing a tooth, Daniel says, "And when I get bigger I will yose MY teef!"

Two days later the other tooth was gone, unfortunately it is no where to be found SO the only conclusion is that HE SWALLOWED it, it was traumatizing at first but now he's over it:-)  Welcome new season, we fought hard for those teeth to come in, now I hope the BIG ones are a bit of an easier process.

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