Sunday, July 15, 2012

Yosemite | Day Four

Our last morning!  Breakfast was simple hash browns, sausage and eggs...OF COURSE we had coffee and hot cocoa!

Just to document and remember site 403 at Crane Flat was NOT my favorite!  It was SUPER close, like RIGHT NEXT to the bathrooms, which were closed and replaced with a row of portable potties:( .  AND our neighbors had taken the ONLY flat spot on our site, due to the fact that they had FOUR full sized tents on their own site, including their massive tent mansion complete with 3 separate rooms and a covered porch!

The boys lit a fire in the morning...can you see Daniel by the tent?  With his DOGGIE?  Yes, the Dog even comes camping with us!

Heres a picture, you see the toilets on the right, and the Tent mansion on the left...we have stayed in this campground before and it was a great experience so next time just remember not the 400 loop!

After we cleaned up camp we made our way up to Glacier Point, with a stop at Tunnel View, the valley was pretty smokey, I guess thats normal for summer, SO MANY people, I think I just MIGHT let Tom take me again in the winter, SNOW might be better than crowds and smoke right?

We stopped at a Point before Glacier Point, can't remember the name, but the view was so great...

Then we arrived at Glacier Point, and it was BREATHTAKING!  I had no idea.  You could see the whole Valley...I could have roamed there for hours...If it had just been Tom and I,  I would have been tempted to hike down into the valley...but there was NO way I was carrying Daniel!

I would also like to hike Half Dome...someday soon hopefully...

Have I ever told you Daniel is CRAZY!?  He said he wished he could climb to the end of this doggie rock and jump off and land below, or jump across the valley....Mental Note:  NEVER leave him on the edge without a hand on him!  YIKES!

This is the meadow and forested area where our lower pines campsite was, and where we saw the day he was so close to the road he would have been visible if drivers were looking in the woods...the path you see is a boardwalk that gets you from our campsite to Curry Village.  After the bear siting I was a little apprehensive to travel on the boardwalk, but we did and we never saw him from that area.

One last one captured before we left Yosemite for this last time on this trip...Sad it was over, but I think 3 nights might be our limit with kids this age:-)

Home at last and in need of some SHOWERS...we hit the pool first, then the showers, then we unpacked, and had our camping leftovers for dinner:-)  What a FUN vacation!

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