Saturday, July 14, 2012

Yosemite | Day Three

Look who joined us again this morning:-)  The boys were so excited to catch a glimpse of this guy again!  I was in the middle of pancake cooking SO Tom grabbed the camera for me...After I cooked he was still out there eating berries so I got a real live glimpse too!  He was smaller than I thought, although seasoned bear sighters said he was the biggest they had seen, so I guess I had unrealistic expectations about the bears size:-)  He was NOT interested in us what so ever just the berries behind the campsite!

After breakfast we headed out to Happy Isles, a short hike, with a nature center and trails.  It was nice:-)

Again it is just beautiful in Yosemite, words can't describe what it feels like to be there and imagine what kind of power created this deep valley.

We hiked around tried to get a family picture and failed, settled for one of me and the boys:-)  I love this shows how much fun we were having!

Climbing on rocks again, saying, "Take my picture!"

Today we had to move campsites, we had found one available outside of the valley, so we could have ONE MORE night amongst this beautiful a 4 hour drive needs at least 3 nights to be worth it in my opinion!

So Tom left me and the boys to explore more, as he went back to take down camp and get us ready to move.  We hiked around and then met him back at Yosemite Visitor's center.  We ended up getting sidetracked or lost however you look at it!  When we found the road to get to the bus stop we had lost track of where we were, so we made a decision, left turn, and trekked until we found a shuttle stop, once we found it I looked at the map, and I noticed if we had turned RIGHT we would have hit a shuttle stop with in 50 ft...instead of the trek!  Oh well!  We made it so thats all that counts right:-)

Our next stop was Crane Flat campground, Tom and Holden set-up camp while Daniel who was tired insisted on cuddling on my lap!  We decided we would just hang around camp for the afternoon as the boys were TIRED!
Tom taught Holden how to use his pocket knife and he got to work whittling some s'mores sticks for us, he got carried away and we had 5!  But he had SO much fun!  I LOVE how his tongue comes out when he concentrates!

The view from inside the tent, my unsuccessful attempt at a nap for me and Daniel!

By this time in our trip the boys were sufficiently dirty!  Daniel was crazy and with in minutes of cleaning him off he would look like this again, it was QUITE comical actually!

We sat around the fire, had this for dinner, YUMMMM!  And enjoyed s'mores again!  Another FUN day at the campsite:-)

Unfortunately we had a rowdy CROWD next door and not too much sleep was had:(  Oh well good thing this was our last night!

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