Friday, July 13, 2012

Yosemite | Day TWO

This is what I woke up to the first morning in the tent, my own little bears...little did we know we would see a real life bear in a few short minutes!

Ahh...Mornings at camp!  Coffee, my love, hot cocoa and my littles, AND these, prepped at home enjoyed at camp!

As we were preparing our breakfast our neighbors who had been poking around the fence behind the campsite, whispered, "there's a bear".  What? a REAL.LIVE. BEAR!   I ran to grab my camera, I think Tom was just getting out of the tent, and we all ran back to see it...actually I think I went to look at it THEN ran to get my camera which is why then I was too late to get a picture! drat!

We walked over to Curry Village and then grabbed a shuttle to the Awahnee, such a beautiful hotel!

How did these boys get SO big!

Oh how I love these two, AND the littlest one of course:-)  That man, he makes my heart skip a beat:-)

I had to have Holden climb this rock, just like he did so long ago, our last trip to Yosemite!

We did the easy hike up to lower Yosemite Falls, you know the one EVERYONE does.  Yeah that one!

Holden climbed every rock he could see, thats all he wanted to do on the was making me nervous as he was wearing crocs, he's always wearing crocs, and I am finding they are not the best shoes for anything but walking!

After the falls we had a little lunch before heading back to the campsite for a little siesta:-) After our rest and before our Curry Village pizza and ice cream dinner outing we trekked out to mirror lake, I have some awesome pictures from when we were there last time so I was excited for more comparison shots! 

Holden road his bike while Daniel rode on my back or ran after Holden.  It's a short hike, and when we got there, I was sadly disappointed.  You see, last time we visited it was in FEBRUARY, this time it is JULY, there was NO WATER in mirror lake, which is required to make it mirror like:-)  Oh well it was a good workout carrying 30+ extra pounds!

We saw one of these pull into our campground, apparently the rangers catch and move the bears in Yosemite periodically to keep tabs on them and keep them safe...

Back to the campsite and off to a fun dinner of Pizza and Ice Cream!

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