Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Yosemite | Day One

Ready for an adventure!

Our friends who are definite planners, planned ahead and got a great site in Lower Yosemite Pines for a week!  But then they decided to only stay for 5nights, so we benefitted and got to stay there their last two nights:-)  We did decide after our stay that we need to start thinking about NEXT years camping so we can get sites if we REALLY want to go certain places:-)

We arrived mid-day, and it was HOT!  So we set up camp really quick and headed to the river right in the campsite!

Tom and I are NOVICE parents you know, we thought the kids would simply put their feet in...SO we did not change them into their swim suits!  What a joke, within 5 minutes Daniel was completely soaked and as soon as Holden saw him all wet he "slipped" and got soaked too!

Yosemite is BEAUTIFUL!  I am not sure how you can be in the presence of nature and not see God's power, strength, and majesty.  This place NEVER fails to make me stop in my tracks and look up in AWE.

We came for Peace, and Rest and were struck with Awe.

Our friends left us a welcome message!  The boys were thrilled!  We thought it was fun, until the second day when a RANGER came by, accused us of "defacing national park property", and made us "scrape it off with bark" (That was her suggestion, after trying that and realizing we would spend an ENTIRE day doing that we washed it off with water).  Oh well, it made the boys happy to see the love:-)  So it's still worth it!

For all you foodies we ate this, prepped ahead of time and eaten cold it was YUMMY!

After dinner we had a fire...and some s'mores, for those of us who ate dinner:-)

Let the fun begin!

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