Saturday, August 18, 2012

Camping Donner Lake | Day TWO

SO I realized before bed the first night that although I brought the cream and the coffee, i forgot the FRENCH PRESS.  Ahhh, NO COFFEE!  I was worried how I would make it without my daily caffeine:-)  
But, I needn't have worried, Josh got up super early and drove into Truckee and SCORED us an airpot FULL of coffee!  Only in a small town would a coffee shop sell you coffee and let you take it in an airpot if you promise to return it:-)

The kids had their traditional camping hot COCOA, and they were happy about it.  We heated up these, now a camping tradition as well (and a christmas, and birthday, and just because tradition:-))

There were A LOT of dirt cakes made...the proper stirring is key:-)

After breakfast we decided to head to the lake, as we were leaving Tom noticed this guy was hanging out on the back of our chair...YUCK!

Immediately upon arriving, the kids were in the water, and they didn't get out ALL DAY!  Except for lunch!

This girl WONT smile for the camera UNLESS you say BANANA PANTS!

This guy on the other hand hams it up ALL THE TIME!  I'm noticing a trend with him...Camping = Dirty Face!

Holden and MJ, they have a special bond, I hope it is always there, even when they are older, it is a JOY to watch them weave their imaginary scenarios and play.

The parents were there too.

 These two, they may just be too close in age, or just at that 3 age, they LOVE each other, long to be with each other when they are apart, squeal at the sight of each other.  AND then there is lots of other screaming!  The not so kind type.  But only sometimes:-)  I am sure they will grow up close as well...Let's hope so!

A bird bombed Beth while we were walking, so as she leaned down to wash it off what should jump out of the drain but this little guy, scaring her half to death!  Nature was NOT on her side this day:-)

Daniel thought a frog in the bathroom was the GREATEST thing!


 Tom did a little yoga practice while we were there:-)  This is "tree" but I was at a bad angle:-)

I had also prepped these before hand, and Tom insisted on mastering them over the fire, they were TASTY.  BUT, kabob = LOTS OF TIME.

Tom enjoying a kabob:-)

After dinner s'mores OF COURSE!

He's already half asleep:-)

Hmmm, I'm seeing a food trend with Tom...Food + Camera = SCARY MAD MAN picture:-)

Another great day camping!


Amber Joy said...

I love that Wild cherries place. they have some great ice :)

Is that how Tom looks at the dinner table? Glad you guys had a fun time.

Jo Little said...

beautiful pics... where is Donner Lake?