Thursday, August 30, 2012

First Day of PreSchool | Daniel

How is it THIS time already, wasn't it just yesterday we were bringing Holden here?  But alas, that was THREE years ago, and now here is Daniel ready to go!  It was QUITE a different experience from Holden's first day!  First, I was not 3 weeks post partum and an emotional mess:-)  Second, Daniel REFUSED to have his picture taken almost the WHOLE time!  Third, this boy said bye to me and NEVER looked back, there were no tears, no finding him in the arms of the teacher when I returned, just a smile greeting me when I returned and telling me about his craft!

The only picture he agreed to!  Oy!

He was a little CLINGY at first but Ms. Wendy won him over with this puzzle that makes farm noises when you put the pieces back in!

When he got home he told me all about his day!  They sang the Hokey Pokey, he didn't participate though:-)  They red a book about the cat and his white shoes, who sang a song, "I love my white shoes!"  Ms. Wendy has a toy bus, and they made a handprint red and blue! And he calls his teacher, "MY Ms. Wendy" to differentiate between Holden's Ms. Wendy!

I need to add for memory sake, when he and I were hanging out a couple days before he started preschool, I said something to Daniel about being lonely while he was in school.  I asked him, "Who will mommy play with while you are in school"
He said, "Don't worry, you can play with Daddy:-)"
I was dying when he said this, SO funny!

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superseany said...

oh my word, he looked so happy! I'm glad he did so well, Ruby was the same, no tears at all. <3 Our kids are gowning up!!