Friday, August 31, 2012

Random August InstaGram

These don't need a WHOLE post on their own, SO I decided to just put them all in one post:-)  This is our daily life.

In order to have any naps work, we move him to our bed for his nap...I love how he makes himself comfortable!

He was SO excited to take his backpack on a zoo outing!

Meet the teacher, where he met "His Ms. Wendy":-)

Goofy Jamba Juice face!

Holden noticed that our shrimp skewer made a heart. recipe here

Another day with his backpack, this time my friend took him to fairy tale town, did I tell you she's awesome!  He was intent on measuring, what you ask...oh himself!  :-)

SO his friend gave him this bear to "borrow"  He really didn't want to give it back...This boy, he's a lover AND a fighter!

Helping me make this recipe for a new mom, and for our friends who came over that night.  He ate these olives, they DID NOT go in the recipe:-)

I wonder if I should be worried my boys LOVE to watch the food network, and HGTV.  And Holden the other day was telling me what flavors he tasted in something....hmmm am I creating cooking and design monsters?

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