Friday, September 21, 2012

Traveling with the Boys

This summer we have done A LOT of traveling! This latest trip was a last minute surprise trip to Connecticut!  We left @6am, to arrive CT 4:30pm. AND on the way back we left at 5:30pm, to arrive home at 11:30pm (local time, 2:30am CT time).  How did the boys do?  


Seriously they are the BEST travelers, Holden reads, colors, and sleeps on the planes, and somehow he adjusts or powers through everything while on vacation, as long as he's having fun!  AND since Aidan lives in CT, he had fun!

Daniel requires a little more entertainment on the plane rides, but he does great too!  Just pack a lot of snacks, and plenty of time user options! :-)  We colored, read, ate, talked, he played with his bear.  Neither kiddo slept on the way TO CT, despite the 3am wake up!  And neither went to bed until 9pm (6pm our time)!  They powered through the 5 days with no naps!  

On the way home Tom and I were exhausted!  Even with leaving after dinner time, they did not nap on the first leg, I started praying that by the 10pm take off of the second leg, they would both be tired!  Thankfully they were, they slept the 3 hours!  And then went to sleep in the car, and in their beds!  

Unfortunately for me they woke BEFORE 7am on Thursday!  And it has been a couple rough days for Holden, he's tired and jet lagged, Daniel on the other hand is fine until about 5pm, then its ALL down hill from there!

I just had to brag/remember how awesome they do when we are traveling, so that I am NOT afraid to take them places, and so that I appreciate it when they are tired, cranky, and when I am tired, cranky, and JET LAGGED!

It was a great trip, I will blog about it soon!

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