Thursday, October 25, 2012


Choose it.  Joy that is, and ask God to reveal it in the mundane, in the challenges, in the minute.  It's a challenge to always find your hope and JOY in Him, but God's word tells us thats where the REAL stuff is found.  I trust God, I trust His word, SO I will choose to seek my JOY in Him, not in this world, not in the trials, not in the things that aren't always going to be there.

On a particularly hard day in a hard week, I awoke, and spoke out loud, "Today I will choose JOY, and I ask you God to help me."  And you know what He did.  Now, I wonder why I don't do this EVERYDAY.  But luckily each day is new, and I can start NOW:-)

The thing that made this even better, I had a chance to speak to a dear friend who had the same experience THE SAME WEEK.

Yep, our God is GOOD!

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Jo Little said...

love this!
This looks like my old hood in Socal. :(