Saturday, January 05, 2013

Happy Birthday Grandpere!

Tonight we celebrated Grandpere's birthday!  The kids had been at their house over night so when we came to pick them up we had a little dinner and a treat to celebrate him:-)

Tom cooked the steaks, thanks to our friend Natalie, we seared them on the stove and then put them in the oven yielding a mostly medium perfection:-)  Not as amazing as the ones she served us the night before but definitely a CLOSE second!

We LOVE cooking in Grandmere's kitchen:-)  Doesn't hurt that I designed it;-P

I made Pioneer Woman's Mint Brownies, YUM!  These are SO good this is the SECOND time I have made them in a month!  It took me a while to get the number of the candles right, apparently my math is rusty and I tried to give Grandpere back 10 years, but I was corrected and we got it right!

The kids always "help" with the blowing out part:-)

What a sweet little party.  I am so thankful for Tom's dad, he is truly a gift to our family, and he loves my boys greatly, what more could you ask for?

Happy Birthday Grandpere!

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